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Berliner, Pfannkuchen, doughnut or a donut? No matter what you call these sweet treats – with them we sweeten every event. Whether it’s a wedding, a company event or a garden party – we will serve you our handmade donuts.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that we change our donut selection quarterly, so if you order for the next quarter, we may have different products.

You want to order more than 100 Donuts within the Berlin Ring? Then drop us a text here. If you want to order less than 100 donuts please use Wolt.

Exclusive sweet catering for you from Berlin

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Wenn Ihr gerade keine Zeit habt, persönlich vorbei zu kommen, braucht ihr dennoch nicht auf unsere wunderbaren und leckeren Donuts zu verzichten.

Wählt einfach die Filiale, aus der ihr euch eure Berliner zu euch ganz bequem liefern lassen möchtet. 

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If you don’t have time to come by in person, you still don’t have to miss out on our wonderful and delicious donuts.

Just choose the store from which you would like to have your doughnuts conveniently delivered to you.