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Our Story

Berliner, Pfannkuchen, doughnut or a donut? If you do some research here, you will notice that there is a lot of discussion about the names. Here in Berlin, where the Berlin Pfannkuchen has its origin according to history, the round dumpling, which is fried in hot fat, is simply called “Pfannkuchen”.

In Bavaria the pastry is known as Krapfen and in other parts of Germany it is called Berliner. Yes – this is a great source of confusion for some people. So it was not uncommon for guests to stand in front of us and ask for a pancake when they were looking for the Berlin Pfannkuchen (“pancake”) Café. A crazy pun.

Since we have residents here in Berlin and visitors from different parts of the world, we finally decided on the name Sammy’s Berliner Donuts and renamed ourselves again a year later.

So we are better understood internationally and since that day we offer the most delicious “Berlin Donuts” in town.

Regional ingredients

But how are our delicious Berlin donuts actually made? Of course, time and love are the basic ingredients of our delicious pastries.

Every night our pastry chefs get up well before sunrise to make the display creative and colorful every day.

A Berlin donut has between 6 – 14 working steps. Everything is homemade and prepared fresh daily – from the dough to the filling.

We place great value here on the selection of our suppliers of raw materials. Thus, we obtain the flour from a regional mill and cooperate with farmers of the Brandenburg region. Animal products are mostly sourced in organic quality and we take great care to ensure that our suppliers also share our values.

Donuts made from fresh ingredients - handmade daily
Handmade donuts and delicious pastries from Berlin / Sweet pastries from Berlin
Donuts from regional organic products
Local products for Berlin donuts

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If you don’t have time to come by in person, you still don’t have to miss out on our wonderful and delicious donuts.

Just choose the store from which you would like to have your doughnuts conveniently delivered to you.