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Sammy - Sammys Berliner Donuts - Owner


The Good Soul

Hello, my name is Sammy and I was born in 1987 in Berlin. Most of my childhood I grew up in the south of Germany . I developed the love of gastronomy at a very young age. I completed my first apprenticeship in a small 3 star hotel in Bavaria. After my apprenticeship I ventured relatively quickly the first step into self-employment and opened my first small café in Kaufbeuren at the age of 19. With a great cook at my side, I learned the first steps in the kitchen, but quickly realized that my passion was not cooking but baking. So little by little the display filled more and more with homemade cakes and cookies. In 2011 I moved back to the beautiful capital city of Berlin due to family reasons. I gained various experiences in the gastronomy and met a great pastry chef from France, from whom I learned a lot and made my first steps in the professional pastry shop. On 01 January 2019, the time had come, Sammys Berlin Donuts opened the doors. My love of good food, combining different ingredients and the creativity which I can enjoy to the full, makes my job the absolute dream job for me. With an incredibly great team by my side, my goal is to build a company that is sustainable and fair. With selected suppliers for raw materials not only bringing a high quality standard, we as a team create a company where we can say again and again: Damn it – we love what we do. And one of the best things about my job is to see the glowing eyes of our customers biting into the Berlin Donut.
Ben - Sammys Berliner Donuts - Colleague



Hi! I’m Benjamin and I’m a pastry chef at Sammy’s Berliner Donuts. 1982 born and raised in Hamburg, went to school there until I graduated. After that, I was traveling to think about my future, among other things. I wanted to do something creative because I’ve always had an interest in art. Because of my family, who cooked and baked a lot, I already had a great interest in food – so I tried to combine creativity with it. That’s how I made my decision to become a pastry chef. After my apprenticeship I worked in different pastry shops and gained a lot of experience there. In 2019, I luckily ended up with Sammy. To this day, I still really like how creative the profession can be when you find the right company for you.
Marwin - Sammys Berliner Donuts - Colleague


Bakery Manager

Servus. My name is Marwin, I’m a pastry chef and bakery manager here at Sammy’s Berliner Donuts. I spent most of my life in Nuremberg, where my passion for making all kinds of desserts began. It started with an internship in a confectionery, followed by the apprenticeship. Since 2007 I am now a pastry chef. A few businesses later, I learned many new techniques and was able to take away some inspiration. I always try to transfer these when I develop a new ”Krapfen”, that’s what I call them. Since September 2020, I am part of Team Sammy and I look forward to continuing to seduce you with our standard donuts but also with the upcoming, new creations.

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