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The essential characteristics of the goods and services are listed in the description of the respective item and can be accessed during the ordering process.

The contract is concluded as follows:

The order of the customer has to be made in the online store or via the contact form. The order constitutes an offer to Sammys Berliner Donuts to conclude a purchase contract. The customer first receives a confirmation of his or her order, but this does not yet confirm the conclusion of the contract. The contract is only concluded when Sammys Berliner Donuts accepts the order within 2 days for the purpose of concluding the contract by e-mail to the customer.

Advance orders must be made at least one day in advance. Pre-orders for the same day, can only be requested by phone in the respective store.

The Berlin Pfannkuchen & Donuts are made fresh daily without the use of preservatives and should therefore be consumed the same day.

Pre-orders which have not been picked up as agreed cannot be refunded. Any ordered items that have not been picked up at the end of the day will be donated and cannot be picked up the next day.

Cancellations must be made one day in advance via email to receive a full refund.

Order online

If you don’t have time to come by in person, you still don’t have to miss out on our wonderful and delicious donuts.

Just choose the store from which you would like to have your doughnuts conveniently delivered to you.