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Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go’s mission is to ensure that food is eaten instead of wasted. Every day, good food is thrown away just because it wasn’t sold.

Through Too Good To Go’s great app, we sell that very food at discounted prices. And do good in the process.

Too Good To Go Logo
Since joining Too Good To Go, we have saved this many Magic Bags:
That corresponds to a saving of so much CO2:
17.837,5 kg
As much as we consume when we fly from Paris to New York so many times:

And even more...


Drinks to go – without disposable waste

Green electricity from Polarstern

We work with truly green electricity from 100 percent German hydropower – and make a difference. At independent green power provider Polarstern, every customer automatically helps families in Cambodia switch to clean energy. So do we. Because real energy change can only work if the whole world joins in.

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If you don’t have time to come by in person, you still don’t have to miss out on our wonderful and delicious donuts.

Just choose the store from which you would like to have your doughnuts conveniently delivered to you.